Notor T5

Fagerhult’s classic interior luminaire Notor is available in several versions for suspended, surface mounted or recessed installation. Notor is an obvious choice when there is a desire to create long, unbroken lines of light. Discreet or striking – the look can easily be varied taking the architecture into consideration.

Notor T5, as its name suggests, is equipped with T5 light sources. Notor T5 consists of an aluminium section with lateral dimensions of 60x60 mm. With its discreet size and clean lines, Notor has become popular amongst light designers and architects who want to emphasise the shape of the room. Thanks to its natural anodised finish, Notor T5 is characterised by discretion and has been designed to create many opportunities to work creatively with lighting planning. Continuous installation and L-couplings are some of the features.