Transformers (Dimming without a dimmer)


Transformers with the possibility of control via DSI, DALI or switchDIM. Using the switchDIM technology, the TE one4all-transformer is controlled directly with an optional number of basic pushbuttons connected in parallel, at the same time the number of transformers is limited by the fuse.
 Constant secondary voltages always give 100 % light and at the same time guarantee the nominal service life of the light source. White casing of impact resistant plastic with two fixing holes. Through-wiring (looping) on the primary side. Direct connection of four light sources on TE-150 VA and three on TE-105 VA. Short-circuit protection with automatic restart and integrated thermal and overload protection through reducing the load and automatic return. Protection classification II and IP 20.


Filter Length, mm Description Length, mm Description
98166 167x42x31 TE–0105 one4all 20–105 VA
98167 207x46x40 TE–0150 one4all 50–150 VA