Rondo G2

A timeless design make Rondo a perfect choice for lighting around commercial buildings, school playgrounds, along park roads and adjacent to parks. Rondo G2 has been developed exclusively for LED, with a focus on energy and visual comfort. The reflector is very efficient and the luminaire is available in two different versions – "Power" or "Visual". Power gives a uniform appearance while Visual adds another dimension through the frosted glass ring forming the lower part of the luminaire. In the family, we have also provided the luminaire with efficient cooling for LED.

The family contains an expansive mix of post tops, wall fixtures in two variants and ceiling luminaires for surface mounting as well as recessed. The post can also be equipped with both single as double housing.


Rondo G2 Power ceiling

Rondo G2 Power post

Rondo G2 Power recessed

Rondo G2 Power Twin

Rondo G2 Power wall

Rondo G2 Visual ceiling

Rondo G2 Visual post

Rondo G2 Visual recessed

Rondo G2 Visual Twin

Rondo G2 Visual wall