AllFive is a universal luminaire which is just as suitable for garages and conduits as laundry rooms and kitchens. The neat and carefully thought-out design hides the fact that this is a luminaire which has been developed for industrial use and which can tolerate damp and stress. The new AllFive LED expands this product family with a very energy-efficient option.
AllFive is available in both LED and T5 variants, both with two different louvres: clear or opal.
AllFive LED comes with the superior service life and optimal energy efficiency associated with LED technology.The newly-developed prismatic louvre offers exceptional uniformity, while safeguarding against glare. AllFive LED is also equipped with a smart circuit breaker which makes it possible to switch between two luminous fluxes. A function which makes lighting planning easier and allows for readjustment.
 AllFive LED is available in two different lengths and the T5 variant is available in three lengths.



AllFive Clear

AllFive LED

AllFive Opal