For us it's Crystal Clear

Let us take you on our journey…

We must got back to 1945, when the seed that would become Fagerhult first began to grow. Throughout the decades, we have placed people and the environment at the centre of all our activities.

Our environmental initiative

Crystal Clear is Fagerhult's environmental initiative. It's our way of emphasising the importance of working in a way that leaves behind the least possible environmental impact. And in doing so, it is also important that we focus on people. The people for whom we make lighting, but also our employees, and above all the coming generations.

We are continuously working on improvements and spur ourselves to come up with ideas and initiatives that make us proud and ensure to call us sustainable company. We want our customers to be confident that we have the knowledge necessary to propose the most sustainable lighting solution.

The important energy efficiency

A sustainable lighting solution is the sum of many parts. Energy efficiency is extremely important, because it is of great importance to the environment, but all the other decisions about the design of the solution have an impact, too.

Efficiency should not either be confused with ergonomics. Of course we want our products to contribute to better living and working environments. But to actually achieve this combination, you need to take into account all factors right from the start, as the product is being developed. That's what we do at Fagerhult. We put together intelligent solutions that can often halve electricity consumption without compromising on lighting amenity.

Good light levels with light control

With a contemporary lighting control system you can save a lot of energy, and at the same time improve the ergonomics in terms of the lighting for the people occupying the room.

A luminaire system with daylight and motion sensors ensures that the amount of light in the space is always at a good level for seeing and working unimpeded. But the system also ensures that the levels are not too high, adjusting them to the amount of daylight and the activities in the space. If no one is there, the lights simply switch off.

One example of an innovative control system is e-Sense move.

Choosing the right technology

The energy efficiency of a luminaire describes how much of the energy it consumes it is able to transform into light. The higher its efficiency, the better!

The choice of light source affects energy efficiency, and it is also very important that the luminaire has been developed for the particular light source used.

The wrong light source in a luminaire is not just a waste of energy – it can also be downright dangerous. Fagerhult uses only modern, energy-efficient light sources intended for use in public spaces: T5 fluorescent tubes and compact fluorescent lamps, as well as LEDs.

From cradle to recycling

How is the environment impacted by our luminaires? Fagerhult investigate this in detail – with the intention of making our solutions even better.

We have investigated the entire life cycle of the luminaire – from raw material through manufacturing and distribution, to use and recycling. We have even investigated how much carbon dioxide (CO2) is emitted when our co-workers travel to work! That's why we can report (with a high degree of precision) the amount of CO2 emissions contributed by each of our luminaires during their lifetimes.

The amount of emissions is dependent on what materials are used in the luminaire, where it is manufactured and where it will be used.

The work that we do to reduce environmental impact is long-term and innovative, and guided by detailed objectives. The development of new products is the core of our activities – from the technical solutions we use in our products to the optimisation of raw material use and environment-friendly manufacturing methods.

When you hire Fagerhult, you can rest assured that your lighting will be economical, and kind to the environment and human health while at the same time stimulating creativity and promoting well-being. For us it is Crystal Clear.