Organic Response

Remote monitoring

Monitor the installation online

Connecting Organic Response to our web-based portal means you get the latest technology within integrated lighting control systems. A gateway and easy configuration with the app provides a comprehensive analysis tool that allows you to optimise your energy consumption with ease. When you purchase our portal service you can take advantage of real-time updates and schedule and plan lighting to meet your premises’ needs. 

The portal offers a range of opportunities for simplifying and improving the efficiency of the lighting in your premises. Everything from automatic testing and reporting of emergency lighting monitoring to a centralised error reporting of the luminaires in all your properties, which can greatly facilitate the work. Imagine getting an error message about a specific luminaire in a particular building, with all the information gathered in one place. With our service, your building can also receive a higher classification of environmental certification, since you can easily improve the efficiency of energy consumption in your premises. 

Our solution is future-proof and provides the opportunity for integration with other systems in the building. In addition, we are making regular improvements to the Organic Response portal, and our service is continuously evolving to meet our customers' needs and wishes. 

Capability for cloud-based third-party integration (API)

Organic Response is an open system that enables you to create additional value-adding solutions for the people in your building – all with simplicity in focus. Using a software development kit, third-party app developers can integrate with the Organic Response system. In other words, by providing the kit to an app developer you gain the capability to control the luminaires from other apps as well, such as building management apps.