Ambient light – like heaven inside

We have walked this Earth for almost seven million years. We have used electric lights for just over 100 years. Natural light is our frame of reference and that is what affects us most. Natural light makes us feel good. It makes us more alert and happier, and makes us perform better. We call it ambient light, and it is often ambient light which forms the basis of Fagerhult’s newly-developed lighting solutions.

Like the sky

Ambient light works in the same way as the sky. When we go outdoors, we take in light in the same way – from the sides and above. The sky reflects light from all directions. A lot of light is distributed across a large surface, and the pupil expands and takes in light. These are the perfect conditions for the retina to absorb light. Light from large surfaces also means greater light intake – which makes us more alert. That’s what ambient light is! 

Ambient light as a measurable concept

Fagerhult has been developing solutions with combinations of direct and indirect light for a long time. Indirect light is reflected by walls and ceilings – just like the sky. 

We have also carried out several research studies on the idea of ambient light. They show that ambient light of 100 cd/m2 contributes to creating work and school environments where people are more alert and also feel and perform better. This is why we are now introducing ambient light as a measurable concept in our lighting planning. Read more about the ambient light studies.

Read more about the studies in ambient light

Count on ambient light

To determine the light levels in a room, the luminance of the ambient light can be calculated by adding up the vertical mean luminances on the four walls and the horizontal mean luminances on the ceiling and calculation surface (i.e. the work surface or floor) and dividing them by six.

By using an increased amount of ambient lighting in planning, we can also create more wholesome light environments. This is why we are developing new solutions which are better adapted for people and which also reduce energy consumption.