Create your personal light!

The height of our chairs, the size of the screen text and the volume on our phones, we are increasing accustomed to being able to adjust and select our preferred settings in our working lives. Its only really the lighting which we don’t adapt to our personal preference- and that’s about to change.

While it is often possible to set or change the intensity of the light, the colour temperature is dictated by someone else. Our preference for colour temperature isn’t static, sometimes we want a cold, activating light, others a warm relaxing one. In a hospital waiting room or a dentist surgery, for instance, a colder light level may not create the peaceful ambience we crave.

Our preferences for light can also differ with age; the young are inclined towards a colder light while as we get older this changes to warm. Tuneable White is a new technology which permits the user to alter the colour temperature to what we prefer within the same luminaire. In an open plan office it is hard to get a very personal lit experience but changing the colour temperature control can still enhance the ambience of the space. Other areas such as lobbies, receptions, conference room, cellular offices and waiting rooms are ideal environments for a tuneable white solution.    

From the small to the large – the technique is simple

Technically, it's not that complicated. Everything is controlled with a DALI Device Type 8 and can be implemented with different types of control units depending on what you want to achieve. If you want to imitate daylight in colour and intensity automatically,  use a router system, otherwise it is often enough with a generic control panel, simple button panels or touch panels to control manually.

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