Fluorescent lamps

Fluorescent lamps T5 FDH

These fluorescent lamps ∅ = 16 mm are adapted in length to fit 600 mm modular ceilings. The lamps are available in two different designs, HE (High Efficacy) with maximum luminous efficacy or HO (High Output) with maximum luminous flux. All outputs in the HE range have the same fluorescent lamp luminance while it varies in the HO range.

The fluorescent lamp is designed to give maximum luminous efficacy at an approximate ambient temperature of 35 °C, which corresponds to the normal temperature of an IP 20 luminaire. Always powered by HF-ballasts, they can also be dimmed using dimmable HF-ballasts.  

Fluorescent lamps T5 Eco

T5 Eco is a further development of the T5 fluorescent lamp. The properties of the gas and fluorescent powder have been improved and the pressure optimised. As a result the same light output can be achieved but by using less power. Energy savings also reduces the lighting installation’s carbon dioxide emissions. T5 Eco also has a longer operating time – up to 21,000 hours.  

Circular fluorescent lamps T5 FC

Fluorescent lamp ∅ = 16 mm in three standard sizes and four outputs. Unlike the normal T5 fluorescent lamps, these lamps are designed for an ambient temperature of 25 °C. The lamps are always powered by HF-ballasts.  

Fluorescent lamps T8 FD

These ∅ = 26 fluorescent lamps have a high luminous efficacy, good colour reproduction, several colour temperatures, long lamp life and they can be dimmed.