MAD by Carlings : Sweden

Fagerhult goes MAD

Hip and trendy concept store with an international vibe

The Norwegian denim giant Carlings opened their first concept store MAD on trendy Götgatsbacken, Stockholm, in March 2018. MAD stands for Music, Art and Denim and summarizes the versatility of the store. The feeling of the store is a visual explosion, a club feeling, a store where influencers hang out. The purpose of the store, other than selling clothes, is to display young artists through art exhibitions, record signings and concerts. There is also an art area called The White Box where they show – and sell – contemporary art.


Norwegian clothing group Varner includes brands such as Cubus, Dressmann, Bik Bok, VOLT and others. Now they’ve positioned themselves on the market with a new concept store, MAD by Carlings. The importance was to visualize the three different components – Music, Art and Denim. We needed to develop a total new concept together with the client.

The luminaries used were Touch Midi, Touch Mini and RGBW LED, which gave us the opportunity to create a changeable environment for the customer. To manage the lighting in The White Box and the integrated lighting behind the interior we used the Casambi app solution. With a user friendly interface the staff can easily manage and change the illumination, to create the desired attitude in the shop.


The center piece of the store was the unique unit we had to resolve, referred to as The White Box. Together with the contractor, and a stretch ceiling supplier, we were able to solve the task and secure the wanted impression. With the smart and user-friendly app solution Casambi, the staff can personalize the lighting of the box through a device. The RGBW LED inside the box can produce any color desired, and creates suitable atmospheres for art exhibitions, DJ-shows or events.
In the rest of the store, Touch spotlights are offering a flexible and playful lighting. They highlight and accentuate the products and interior in a well-balanced manner.


The result of the project is an inconstant store, made for different settings and events. The variations and different possibilities are simple to adjust. We have received some great feedback and if given the opportunity please go check out the store in real life.

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