ICA Värmdö

Professional light for your everyday grocery shopping

With approximately 1,300 stores and a market share of approximately 36%, ICA Sweden is the leading grocery retailer in Sweden. The business is run together with free ICA traders, each of which owns and operates its own store, thus meeting customers through locally-adapted concepts and offers. Our client, ICA Värmdö, is a shop with "everything-under-one-roof", and has now expanded with a dining area as well.


Our client had a vision of a more updated and modernized lighting concept for the store. They wanted a store that felt lighter and brighter, and the final result is something that we are equally proud of.  With a thorough knowledge and previous experience from working with ICA, we at Fagerhults could present existing solution that met their needs in a satisfying way.

Since the store was open and in use when we did the modernisation, a bigger presence by our KAM, Anders Wikström, was required. This, since the installation was made in sprints, one section of the store at the time, and signed off as it was finished.


ICA wished for a more lit up area with fruit and vegetables. We therefore experimented with different light temperature to better enhance colours and contrasts.

Furthermore, we oversaw the areas by the cashier and the deli. There we installed spotlights, in order to improve the working environment for the employees in those areas of the store and also enhance the lighting comfort for the customer.

Other maintenance and care in this remake was to change all fluorescent luminaires for the general lighting in the store. We also updated all the lighting solutions in the fridges and coolers, to get a more modern and energy efficient solution for our client.

ICA Värmdö has recently opened a new dining area in their store. Here we could help them to provide a full solution for the lighting experience. They also supply a lottery, postal and service desk, a “store in the store”. Here it is crucial with a good light, so that the customers can carry out their errands properly.  

 Solid-Elektro that helped us with the installation has given us feedback on how easy the installation process was. We are very happy with the cooperation with our client, as well as all other partners in this project.

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