Jönköping : Sweden


Office, showroom and storage in one

Fagerhult provided functional lighting for all the different areas at Stenbergs modern office in Jönköping. Stenbergs is one of the leading suppliers of machines for the engineering industry in Sweden.


The large Stenbergs complex was completed in 2012 and lies next to the big European route E4 that runs though the town Jönköping. Stenbergs is a supplier of machines for the engineering industry in Sweden and their new premises operates as an office, showroom and storage area. It is build with large windows and functional luminaires that give a light atmosphere and comfortable workspaces.


Indoor solutions

The Stenbergs project has impressive lighting function. DTI* pendants with an indirect and direct lighting distribute efficient work light in the office areas being installed as single installations over the work desks and as continuous installations over the large conference tables.

The large windows give an abundance of natural light while the DALI dimming ensures a balanced daylight level.

Fagerhult’s popular downlight series Pleiad with switchDIM is installed in the corridors and the large circulation area, giving a comfortable ambient light. The industrial luminaire Inducon is tailored to high ceilings. In this project it is chosen to illuminate the large storage and showroom area. Surface mounted AllFive Clear illuminates the car park. 

Outdoor lighting

Azur** is one of Fagerhult’s big families of outdoor luminaires. The wall version is welcoming at the entrance and the bollard version illuminates the parking lot and the paths along the building.

*DTI has been replaced by DTI  LED.

**Azur Bollard has been replaced by Azur Bollard LED.