Bright atmosphere

During a summer the Ril´s concept store in Helsinki were going through a renovation; and since the old lighting was unsatisfying, Fagerhult was contacted. Ril's offers a total clothing concept for the modern woman who appreciates timeless elegance and good price.


The customer were looking for a lighting solution that would support the new clean cut and elegant interior design where the clothes where the main attraction.

Generate freshness

The lighting design had to generate freshness to the shopping space; not forgetting to play with contrasts. A sufficient lighting level accompanied with good colour rendering was required for the successful exposure of the garments. Also, the solution had to address the challenge of heat generation and energy consumption which both had been problematic in the past. Further, the design had to comply with existing ceiling construction which was different on the two floors.


After these given requirements; a solution using ZoneBeam for the recessed areas and ZonePoint* for the surface mounted areas on the cellar floor were developed.

The ceiling version of Iceberg was added for a touch of visual comfort and general store appearance. Working throughout the store with 35 W addressed the heat and energy questions well.

Gave a bright atmosphere

Once completed the customer was very satisfied with the visual feel and bright atmosphere that the lighting design gave the store.

New Ril´s concept stores have continued using the same successful design.

* Zone Point is no longer in production. Please see Zone Evo G2.