Delicate accent light

The trade and commerce centre «Smolenskiy Passazh» is situated in the centre of Moscow. Here a selection of premium brands are situated and one of them are Richmond in which Fagerhult planned and delivered the lighting.


The commerce centre «Smolenskiy Passazh» is a grand 17-store building, designed in an original style harmoniously blending the typical architecture of 19th century Moscow manors and most up-to-date architectural solutions.

Energy efficient solution

In the Richmond store one of the main requirements was to achieve an energy efficient solution. Initially the interior designer wanted to use recessed luminaires of cardan-joint type with metal halogen lamps 70 W. Such an alternative would result in a total energy consumption (from the luminaires) correspondent of 10.73 kW. However Fagerhult could offer a solution that would cut the energy consumption of the luminaires twofold.

Consequently the customer was very satisfied by the final result and Fagerhult Russia is looking forward to receiving yet another order for one more project.


Phase spotlights, narrow and medium beam, with metal halogen lamps 35 W were used in the showcase zone. The usage of several luminaires with different light distribution angles makes the illuminated objects seem extensional and underlines their texture.

Sufficient working light

Furthermore, recessed medium beam Straight Edger of cardan-joint type with one, two and three metal halogen lamps 35 W were used in the sales area for creating sufficient working light.

To avoid glare from the light source, lamps of CDM-R type was chosen. The accentuating Phase spotlights on the track added more contrast allowing focus on particular objects and made the lighting system more flexible.

Decorative pendant

Terso, a decorative pendant luminaire with compact fluorescent lamps, provide the general light. Its white glossy body matches perfectly with the white glossy shop displays and beautifully contrasts against the black equipment.

Front-face light

Finally the customer wanted to have a combined front-face and vertical light in the fitting rooms. In which also, the colour rendering was of extreme importance. To fulfill this request Fagerhult used Telescope Satin luminaires covered with opal diffusers; the luminaries were fixed on both sides of the mirrors to give the front-face light.

As for the upper light the ceiling luminaire, Cube, with halogen lamps with a high colour rendering index was installed.