Sweep and Scoot – designed for the activity-based office

With a firm focus on visual comfort and environmentally economic sustainability, we have created Sweep and Scoot, two products for future-proof lighting. A lighting that can evolve with the changing characteristics of our working life in the activity-based office. ­­

The luminaires have a harmonious design language and are perfect in combination, as well as individually, depending upon the needs in the space. Sweep and Scoot can also be complemented with Tunable White and our control system e-Sense Tune, which enables personal light control via a phone or tablet.

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Award winning lighting for the activity-based office

The activity-based office sets new requirements on light planning. With the advent of multiuse space, the need for good, glare-free lighting in all spaces also increases, ensuring good employee comfort and performance. That’s why we have developed two new luminaires for the office, Sweep and Scoot, luminaires that are our contribution to a more functional and flexible lighting in activity-based offices.

This approach to form and function has achieved a Red Dot Design award, independently substantiating both the concept and manufactured solution.   


Designed as a cut-off sphere, Sweep provides a contemporary lighting solution for modern offices, today as well as tomorrow. But Sweep offers more than just a nice design, with Sweep you also get excellent lighting characteristics.

With a light distribution of 60% direct light and 40% indirect light Sweep becomes the natural choice in office areas as it ensures effective task lighting as well as a good proportion of ambient light. In the opal diffuser version the lower diffuser is concave, which gives the interesting effect of looking up into an empty space. Sweep has a tactile surface with a rubber-like matt finish, and is available in the standard colours white, black, light blue, light green and light coral.

For the direct light Sweep has an opal diffuser or Delta microprism louvre. For the indirect light, there is an opal diffuser on both versions. 

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Scoot provides a beautifully designed yet functional lighting solution for modern offices where one is looking for something beyond the traditional lighting solution. Seen from below, Scoot has the shape of the classical super circle once defined by Piet Hein. With a unique design paired with its combination of direct and indirect light Scoot offers all that you need for designing and lighting modern offices in a new, unconventional, way. Scoot has a tactile surface with a rubber-like matt finish, and are available in the standard colours white, black, light blue, light green and light coral. 

Scoot is available in one size (450 mm) and a light distribution of 70% direct light and 30% indirect with a light output of 3200 lm. Choose between opal diffuser or Delta microprism louvre for the direct light, for the indirect light proportion, there is an opal diffuser on both versions.

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Designers about the design

Lars Pettersson and Morgan Rudberg runs the architectural studio PetterssonRudberg that works on mixed projects in design and architecture. In the field of product design, they have worked with products for a number of internationally recognised brands.

Their assignment with Sweep and Scoot was to design lighting for creative office environments with activity-based working. The luminaires should include Fagerhult's classical DNA where form can never interfere with the light but instead interact to create lighting with attitude and quality.

The result is two luminaires with their own character despite the fact that the shape itself contains classical elements. The design is based on careful proportions studies and elaborated details with elegant meetings between different surfaces and materials. The luminaires feature the latest LED technology to deliver outstanding light quality and efficiency, and is therefore also an environmentally sound choice.