Every detail of Optilume’s design is oriented towards the accuracy and precision of the integration between surfaces and materials, where the louvre is a key element of the overall expression. 

The groove creates the impression of two separate bodies, which enhances the perception of the small size and defines the minimalist expression. In Optilume we achieved the most compact format possible while still creating well-defined direct/indirect workplace lighting.

The extruded aluminium profile creates a visual precision that is further emphasised by the different colour options – traditional white, exciting black or avant-garde champagne. With three different lengths, you can plan your lighting environment based on the furnishings and other conditions in the room.

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Light with care

The Beta Opti louvre creates a batwing-shaped light distribution, which makes it easy to better plan your lighting environment with even, high-contrast illumination of the workspace. We’ve also put a lot of care into the indirect light, which has a technical diffuser that spreads the light even wider across the ceiling to avoid excessively bright spots above the luminaire. 

3000 or 4000 K and different light outputs provide opportunities for targeted light planning, to accommodate different preference frameworks. A higher output can sometimes be the perfect solution for older people, who quite simply need more light than younger people for whom the lighting standard was designed. Even if you choose a higher light output, Beta Opti more than meets the luminance requirements of the standard.

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Designed with nature in mind

As always, we look to the future when we develop new products, since they’re going to be producing light for a long time. We choose materials and components with care and make sure we optimise our manufacturing methods and transport volumes. 

Fagerhult’s Swedish heritage permeates every detail of Optilume. From the Swedish design, to the environmentally sustainable production in our Swedish factory, with minimal use of materials in the design, which also translates into environmental benefits in transport.

Extreme efficiency goes without saying, and Constant Light Output (CLO) ensures that you never need to over light your project to accommodate for future depreciation. The planned illumination level lasts throughout the product’s lifetime.

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