Tändstickan : Sweden


Lighting control made easy

In southern Gothenburg an old industrial area is being transformed into a so called mixed city. A place where people, ideas, businesses and residents can exist together for a more inspiring and living neighbourhood. So far two office buildings have emerged with a third one projected together with an apartment block.


In a lot of projects, you may not know the tenants and their needs. You don’t know how they plan to use the space or if they going to adapt the office layout for their own needs. In short, you have to plan according to a general office layout. The same goes with the lighting control, you really don’t know the needs of the future tenants. In cases like this, e-Sense Organic offers the flexibility you need. As it is wireless there is no need for control cables, routers or such.


In the last house built, at 5500 square meters, the tenants have all moved in and all office areas are lit with Multilume Flat Delta with integrated e-Sense Organic sensor nodes. In total there are about 500 Multilume Flat with e-Sense Organic installed. There are also Pleiad Evos installed in corridors.

The conference rooms are separate zones and are controlled independently, also lit with Multilume Flat Delta with e-Sense Organic. In these rooms the lighting is controlled via a wireless wall panel that makes it possible to dim and create scenarios separately for the room.

No comissioning required

The solution with integrated e-Sense Organic does not need any commissioning at all. Install the fittings and the lighting and control system is up and running, with presence detection and daylight harvesting. Of course you can fine tune the system and make individual settings, lighting levels, dwell times and so on, for all fittings in the system, when installing the fittings or later on. All you need is the organic app and a dongle.

Being truly intuitive, installers, facility managers, office managers or even each occupant has the ability to configure and optimise the system’s behaviour to suit their individual needs, with no training or need of expertise.