A glowing gem in the centre of Gothenburg

  • Year: 2015
  • Collaborators: Simes
  • Location: Gothenburg
  • Design: Rejlers

When illuminating facades there are many things to consider. The lighting must highlight the building's architecture in a pleasant way but at the same time be discreet enough during daytime. Landsarkivet in Gothenburg is a shining example where the lighting makes an already beautiful building even more beautiful.

Landsarkivet, where the different state archives is included, is one of the oldest agencies in Sweden and was founded in 1618. The building that houses the archive in Gothenburg was designed by Gustaf Améen and was completed in 1911. Among Gustaf Améens other famous works we can find Hazeliusporten at Skansen in Stockholm and the terrace stairs at Kärnan in Helsingborg.

Storing important historical data

Landsarkivet in Gothenburg is one of Sweden's ten provincial archives and is responsible for all public documents from the province of Västra Götaland. Landsarkivet is also storing the church records with important material for genealogy as well as archives from the police authorities, associations, businesses and institutions.

Reconstruction and extension

A reconstruction and extension of Landsarkivet started in 2010. The new buildings were designed by White Architects. The lighting design was provided by Rejlers. The exterior lighting consists of facade lighting with both up and downward light.

This is the result of a very close collaboration between Fagerhult and Rejlers. We see how important it is that we have good relationships with the client and that we can assist them during the long process, says Marcus Jonsson, sales representative at Fagerhult.

Special requirements

The requirement from the customer was that the lighting would blend in nicely in the environment in order not to disturb the beautiful architecture of the old building. The lights would also be reliable and maintenance-free, which is why the focus was on finding the right products in the labyrinth of LED luminaires.

The project is amazing to look at and the customer is very satisfied. Today you can see the beautiful building from far away and it is like a glowing gem, just a few steps from Gothenburg’s major boulevard Kungsportsavenyn, says Marcus Jonsson.