Modern lighting is the icing on the cake

  • Year: 2017
  • Location: Gothenburg
  • Photo: Ulf Celander

Dahl's bakery has been in business since 1935, when the doors to Dahls Pastry Shop opened. Still run by the family, the bakery has grown. In addition to pastry, fresh bread, packaged bread and stone-baked sourdough bread is produced and sold.

The bakery, with approximately 100 employees, is in business seven days a week, 364 days a year. The bakery has moved into modern and optimized premises and the entire design, including the lighting, is adapted to create the best possible environment.

Three different Fagerhult fittings were chosen to do the job. In the bakery, where the dough is mixed, 500 Kaptur with high IP-rating were installed. In the area where cakes and pastry are produced Multilume Flat was chosen. This is a working area where cakes are decorated and good light levels are required. Finally, in the distribution area where the bread and pastry is loaded for delivery to shops and supermarkets, InduLED was the natural choice.