City Hall of Raasepori

A new life of an old mental hospital

The town of Raasepori (Raseborg) lies about hundred kilometers from Helsinki at the south coast of Finland. The name of the town is based on the Castle of Raseborg. The town is bilingual and the majority, taking up two-thirds of the population are Swedish-speakers.


Raasepori renovated the old mental hospital to a new City Hall of the town. Almost only the old facade was remained, when everything inside the building was renewed. Aim was to create modern offices inside the historical frames, with four floors and with the area almost 5000 m².

The project started in co-operation with the electric consultant in April 2016 by mapping out all the needs and possibilities of a modern and energy efficient lighting in office spaces. Main positions contained efficient Multilume Flat Opal -luminaires in offices and conference rooms and Pleiad Evos in all corridors. DALI lighting control system is in use and it ensures that the light is targeted in the right place, at the right time and at the right intensity.

Nove LED and Zoft ceiling -luminaires with Fagerhult´s lighting control system e-Sense Move were installed to staircases. e-Sense Move is primarily developed for staircases, and is based on microwave technology. In this system, several luminaires communicate with each other wirelessly. e-Sense Move does not require any control cables. It is a duplex system, which means all luminaires act as both master and slave luminaires, depending on which luminaire detects presence. When presence is detected, information is sent on to one or more luminaires, which turn on. Each sensor is able to actively “listen” to 15 other sensors. Also other e-Sense lighting control systems are in use diversely; Discovery Evos with e-Sense Detect and AllFive LEDs with e-Sense BrightSwitch.

The whole project contained also green Scoots in kitchen and dining areas, Aquas in toilets and few Notor 78 -luminaires as a ramp above the reception desk. Precise delivery dates were made up with the electric contractor. Deliveries came in time and co-operation with all the participants went proficiently and exemplary.


The old mental hospital got a new and glorious life as a City Hall of Raasepori. Modern technology updated old premises to the present day. The city employees have been very satisfied and proud of their new City Hall as well as the town citizens too. According to the mayor of Raasepori “This is the finest and greatest City hall in Finland”.

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