Street lighting excellence

  • Year: 2015
  • Location: Gothenburg

The city of Gothenburg has approximately 95 000 light points. A large number of them are mercury lightsources that needed to be replaced according to the European Ecodesign Directive. One of the areas that recently had their lighting replaced is Utby.

Utby is located in the eastern parts of Gothenburg, close to the municipality of Partille. The area was built around 1910 and consists mostly of townhouses and villas. Many of the beautiful buildings built in National Romantic style during the beginning of last century are actually still there. Along the transit route in Utby there are both residential and industrial areas. The road is highly trafficked by regular traffic as well as public transport.

The lighting along Utbyvägen consisted of old mercury light fixtures which the City of Gothenburg needed replacing. Parallel to Utbyvägen is a well-used pedestrian and bicycle path which also needed new lighting.

The requirement from the customer was "one fixture for the road and one fixture for the pedestrian and bicycle path". The luminaries should also be able to communicate via LC60, which is a wireless communication system. With that kind of system you can easily dim up and down, switch on and off and see the status of the lightsource.

LC60 allow the customer to control the light and adapt it to current circumstances, says Marcus Jonsson, sales representative at Fagerhult.

Fagerhult assisted the customer with lighting calculations and the luminaire used in this particular project is Vialume 1 with LC60 ballasts. We delivered nearly 70 luminaires to Utbyvägen and the project will expand, says Marcus Jonsson.

The customer is very satisfied with the installation and will expand with more lighting in the area, says Marcus Jonsson at Fagerhult.

Products used in this project