Västerås : Sweden

Team Sportia

Flexible iTrack systems

Team Sportia is one of the leading sports chains in Sweden with over 110 stores, located from Ystad in the south to Kiruna in the north. When yet another Team Sportia store were to be established in Västerås Fagerhult was contacted to create and deliver the lighting solutions.


The concept manager at Team Sportia requested a flexible solution which particularly would save energy. With this in mind the previously developed lighting solution was replaced by one where the track system iTrack played a central role.

The client was pleased with the overall impression of the newly opened store and have chosen to install iTrack in another Team Sportia shop in Ulricehamn.


iTrack is ideal when it comes to flexibility since the track consists of twelve leaders who make it possible to attach luminaires, control systems with daylight and occupancy sensors and emergency light. iTrack can easily be expanded and adjusted to new needs that arise when relocating the store.

The idea was to achieve a higher level of light in the store's inner part by the shoe racks in order to lighten up and to increase the interest to go further into the store.

Flexible lighting

Since it was desired to achieve an even light across the shoe section without any shading, Dupio was installed. The reflectors on Dupio can be adjusted individually to create a flexible lighting for both signage and products. In addition, the light on other surfaces in the store, was lowered to get a more dynamic and interesting lighting.

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