Köln : Germany

Gina Tricot

Inspiring LED-solutions

Gina Tricot, Sweden's fastest growing retail chain, have taken a step into the German market. The first two stores with lighting developed and delivered by Fagerhult has opened in Cologne and Dusseldorf.


Gina Tricot wanted an exceptional solution for their two new stores in Germany, and Fagerhult were given the opportunity to create an exciting lighting concept.

Fagerhult included RGB LEDs as effective additions to the larger 2-story outlet in Cologne, thus increasing the opportunities to create a dynamic and flexible light setting.

Gina Tricot were very pleased with the new lighting solution and took a positive view of the introduction of LED as an additional effect in the store. This is a concept they would like to develop and include in their further expansion.


A growing trend is to use the ceiling to create architectural elements and patterns – instead of hiding it. That was taken as the starting point in Cologne where RGB LEDs were installed in the store's lower part on top of a square raster that was suspended from the ceiling.

Mixing cold daylight with warm white light

20 W Marathon* accent spotlights were also installed. LEDs distribute light in soft transitions and create alternating colour environments, making it possible to supplement and mix cold daylight with warm white light and create an enhanced feeling of space. The opportunity to fade in other colours means that you can create an active and inspiring store environment.

Besides the effective RGB LED luminaires, 35 W MTC and 20 W MTm Marathon accent spotlights were chosen, and recessed 20 W and 35 W spotights.

20 W  MTC spotlights in chrome were chosen for the light setting on the ceiling mirror, and for the entrance, where the height of the ceiling was an impressive 12 metres, 70 W ZoneBox in specially made white boxes to get a satisfactory light intensity.

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