Feetfirst shop

40 000 pair of shoes on 2000 square meters

The shoe galleria Feetfirst fits 40 000 pair of shoes on 2000 sq. meters and three floors.


The building in Stockholm created by the renowned architect Gunnar Asplund in 1930, and has now been renovated to regain its original design.


The premises have quite accentuated lighting with several 35 W narrow beam fixtures. This has resulted in a very energy efficient and dynamic lighting design that makes the area comfortable for the visitor and clearly light products so that they appeal to the eye.

Products from the Zone range have been used as well as eight pending Cruzluz fixtures form the Waco range, to light the architecturally well known Asplundstair.

Custom made pending fixture

The activity area at the entrance includes a custom made pending fixture with ZoneBeam that was manufactured to accentuate new arrivals and happenings. The customer is very satisfied with the result and according to the sales figures it is a success.