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A shopping experience unlike any other

Fagerhult has been selected to supply the lighting to the Spanish fashion chain Desigual in Scandinavia. Currently the chain has approximately 300 stores and thousands of dealers and is one of the most controversial fashion chains in Europe.


The Desigual architects have created a shopping experience unlike any other. Huge contrasts of light in combination with an architecture that does not leave anyone indifferent gives a great expression with its colorful inferno of materials, colors and lighting.

We only accept accents from the light sources: halogen and WhiteSON in our new concept, they provide the light we want, says the Desigual Architects.

This was a challenging demand Fagerhult got to address.

We quickly realized that Desigual lighting concept was among the finest we've seen, but the energy output of 71 W/m2 would not make any electric bill payers or property owners very happy. We have much higher requirements for energy savings compared with southern Europe, says Kristian Renström, Key Account Concept Manager at Fagerhult.


As accent the light source, Philips Master Line eco Qbr 111 8 degrees, 30 W, giving the same light output as a standard 50 W, was used. Energy could also be saved by going down from WhiteSON 100 W medium beam to 50 W narrow beam – and by using the latest technology of LED "Corona Light" behind the walls and the shelves. This resulted in nearly halving the power draw to 39 W/m2 while maintaining the same visual quality.

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