Outdoor optics

AGC lenses

Advanced Glare Control (AGC) lenses are larger than normal, spreading the luminance over a wider area to reduce unpleasant glare.

The lenses are installed very close together so that they visually merge. By adopting this approach, we avoid small intense points of light that create glare. All AGC lenses are optimised for maximum post distances, maximum light within a work area, maximum luminosity and maximum glare reduction for the given road conditions.

Regardless of the luminaire you choose, you can easily and cost-effectively tailor a solution for your project. Build the exact optics you want by combining 4–21 AGC lenses in a single luminaire.

The E-lenses have been developed with a focus on illuminance, while the L-lenses have been developed with a focus on the road surface and conditions.

– E –

E1 (additional code -479)

E2 (additional code -480)

E3 (additional code -481)

E5 (additional code -483)

E6 (Fagerhult Configure)

E9 (additional code -541)

– L –

L2 (additional code -484)

L4 (additional code -486)

L5 (additional code -487)


L7 (additional code -489)

L9 (additional code -491)

L10 (additional code -540)