"We dare!"

The lighting industry has the opportunity to take the lead in energy efficiency and sustainable solutions. It is time to step out of our comfort zone and make the next change. Fagerhult’s heads of Quality and Environment: Niclas Thulin, Coordinator, and Nina Ström, Director, are two of the driving forces behind our sustainability initiative.


Nina: “The introduction of LEDs was the first, important step towards a more sustainable society. Now it’s time to make the next move. We can do better, and we must, for everyone’s future.”

Niclas: “We are humbled by this challenge and we do not claim to be experts in the field – at least not yet. But we are ready to take action. Sure, we will make mistakes and we will have to learn along the way. We dare!”


Nina: “We conducted in-depth life-cycle assessments on three quintessential products from the Fagerhult range. This allowed us to identify the areas where Fagerhult can improve the most and taught us how to measure our progress over time. Now it’s time for action.”

Niclas: “Our assessments show that the most important consideration today is reducing the energy consumption of our products when they are used. Incorporating smart sensors in more of our luminaires will make a big difference there. But as the energy mix used gets greener, the impact of energy efficiency will decrease. In the future, the choice of materials will play a more important role in reducing our carbon footprint. So even now we’re sharpening our focus on innovative, renewable or recycled materials in our product development.”


Niclas: “The user perspective is still crucial. Lighting controls are very effective for reducing energy consumption, but to really make a difference, they have to be easy to use. That’s why we always need to focus on knowledge-sharing and developing user-friendly applications.”

Nina: “Some key challenges are implementing circular business models and applying sustainability in our existing business. From offering subscription services to retrofitting packages for upgrading existing fixtures, we will develop smart solutions in close collaboration with our customers.”