Changing lines for the climate

  • Year: 2019
  • Collaborators: ateljé Lyktan
  • Location: Trondheim
  • Photo: Kristian Kapelrud

The municipality of Trondheim is in the start-up of an environmental initiative, “Miljøpakken Trondheim”. The aim is to motivate people to ride bikes, walk or take public transportation in order to create a better and cleaner city - and environment - for all.

“Miljøpakken Trondheim” will be in full effect in 2025, including smaller and larger projects. Project MetroBuss will be a part of trying to reach its goal of zero car traffic growth in Trondheim, meaning that all transportation needs should be met by using public transportation, biking and walking. This means that a lot of new bus stops will be built, in order to meet the needs. Tonstad is a hub, where people change lines. The visuals is therefore crucial for both busdrivers and pedestrians, in the dark Norwegian dusk.

The project was initiated at the same time that Fagerhult Opalume was launched. Being a durable and easily installed outdoor luminaire, with a high light comfort, it fitted the project very well. Our feedback from the installers was very positive, and the Tonstad gateway has gotten a new lighting profile.

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