Enabling Nordic light for Nordic design

  • Year: 2018
  • Location: Oslo
  • Design: Halvor Næss belysningsdesigner AS

Well-known Norwegian furniture producer Slettvoll needed their flagship store Slettvoll at Skøyen to be refurbished. Prior to their launch, Slettvoll was in the process of major concept upgrade of their Skøyen store. They wanted to use an independent lighting designer who could help them actualize the vision for the new interior concept. They were given the opportunity to use any technology and lighting fixtures available.

Slettvoll has a Nordic design profile, which needed to be reflected in their concept. The lighting concept attracts inspiration from the Nordic daylight and the variation we experience within different color temperatures throughout the day. The choice came down to Fagerhult, which happened to be in the process of developing a prototype on a new generation of Tunable-white spotlights within the Marathon series. This physically small spotlight with all the right specifications and the latest in Tunable-White technology, made this possible. Both in the form of aesthetics and compatibility with the newest generation of control systems delivered by Vanpee.

Now, the technology and products were in place to create the right feeling for the different interior zones. By using different reflectors, and a color temperature with a range from 2700 to 4000 kelvins, we were able to create the right atmosphere for Slettvolls concept. When using controls system with the Dali DT8, it gives us the opportunity to adjust lighting to the correct level, both the amount of light and color temperature. Then when Slettvoll changes the interior displays they have some preprogrammed settings for the right light and the possibility for bigger changes in further new concepts or redesigns.

One of the key elements in Slettvoll store concept is the workstations, which are designed to help customers choose the right material for their furniture. In their own product line, Slettvoll has a specially designed pendant over those workstations. This pendent has been redesigned into a tunable white fixture, allowing them to adjust the color temperature from 2700 - 4500Kelvin. This gives the customer the opportunity to experience their choice of fabric and color in different types of light and shows how this will affect the appearance of the furniture. This will also reflect the appearances of furniture throughout the day in our Nordic environment.


Geir Oen

Business Developer

  • +47 41 53 32 32

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