Edinburgh : United Kingdom

Victoria Quay Building

Great energy savings

3200 fittings from Fagerhult decreased maintenance and lowered the energy usage by 25 per cent in the refurbish Scottish Government´s building in Edinburgh.


Thanks to the improved light, the 2000 people who work in the building got more lighting with 40 per cent fewer luminaires – a good example of what to gain when to give awareness to sustainability and energy efficiency in office spaces.

Chosen from 12 manufactures

The Fagerhult fittings were selected after an initial analysis of products from 12 different manufacturers, followed by a full installed mock-up featuring the Fagerhult’s luminaires and two models from a competitor company. A total of 60 fittings were trialled.

The Fagerhult luminaires won it on light distribution, providing a very uniform illumination, as well as their appearance. They’re nice-looking fittings, said Colin Lawrence of building services specialist Wallace Whittle, which was responsible for specifying the lighting.


The luminaires of choice was suspended direct and indirect Ten Line Beta and they were installed in the phased two-year refurbishment project.

Daylight linking and presence detection

The DALI-controlled fittings in conjunction with a control system allow daylight linking and presence detection for further energy savings. More than 1000 of Fagerhult’s Como Wide T5 recessed fittings were also installed in the scheme that replaced a 15-year-old recessed Category 2 installation.

It was quite a drastic change from what they had which created a very dark, cave-like atmosphere. It’s been well received by the 2000-plus people who work in the building, said Colin Lawrence.