Kastrup : Denmark

The Blue Planet

Light swirls over popular aquarium

Blue and white lighting flows over this eye-catching aquarium that is inspired by a whirlpool. It reflects beautifully over the Öresund strait and has already taken tourists by storm. Many has already guided their way to the well-known landmark, called “Denmark’s best light house”.


The Blue Planet is the largest most modern aquarium in northern Europe, filled with 20,000 species of fish and sea animals in 53 aquariums of 7 million litres of water.

The aquarium is estimated to attract up to 700 000 visitors each year and there has already been up to 226 000 visits during 2013. The Blue Planet is centrally located and well serviced by metro, train and road links between Copenhagen city and Copenhagen airport.


The lighting designer Jesper Kongshaugs ideas came to reality together with one of Fagerhult’s lighting consultant Jeannett Kristjánsson. It gave a dynamic and creative lighting with efficient and sustainable solutions of, amongst others, sustainable outdoor luminaires suited to the harsh salty coastal weather.

It has been a fantastic experience to work with this beautiful and demanding prestigious development. It has been a long but exciting process and I have found the collaboration with Jesper Kongshaug Architectural Lighting most inspiring. The lighting plays an important role inside and outside the aquarium, an essential element in forming the overall impression and for the visitor’s experience – it sends a clear signal to the surroundings. But it also plays an important part in the building’s functionality and facilitates every day work, says Jeannett Kristjánsson.

Creating a water fantasy

Throughout the close collaboration 3D visualisations of the final result were made showcasing the lighting designer’s creative vision. The result gave highlighted blue and white light that creates an illusion of flowing water over the aquarium’s organic shape.

The effect is created with four post top luminaires of Focus projectors from Fagerhult’s lighting partner Simes, whose products are available in Nordic countries. The precision optics of these luminaires means there is no interference with the air traffic signals at the nearby airport.

Outdoor luminaires enrich and guides

When walking into the curved shape of the façade, visitors find their way with the built in wall fixture Blinker, integrated into the low concrete wall.

3,5 m high alu gray bollard of Column from Simes illuminates the 600 space parking lot. The height is chosen so as to reduce glare and not draw attention from the building.

Functional general light

The general lighting inside is provided by the popular downlight series Pleiad, which illuminates the large restaurant and communication areas around the aquarium. The customised Ray* provides an attractive recessed light line, well integrated into the lamella panel roofs.

*Ray is no longer in production

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