The preset modes of e-Sense Tune

In all preset scenes, the user can adjust the intensity of the light to their own level.

e-Sense Tune: activate mode



Activate gives a cold, intense, energizing activating light. Perfect for an energy boost during the morning or after lunch.

e-Sense Tune: activate mode



Focus gives a warm, slightly dimmed light that stimulates communication and concentration. Focus mode provides a light for personal calls, reflection and concentration.

e-Sense Tune: adapt mode



Adapt gives a light that adapts to the presence and daylight. In Adapt mode, you can select 3000 or 4000 K colour temperature depending on what you prefer.

e-Sense Tune: mimic mode



Mimic mimics daylight and change the intensity and colour temperature throughout the day. The light in the morning has a low intensity and a warm colour temperature. During the morning the light changes both the intensity and colour temperature until lunchtime when it provides an intense cold light. During the afternoon the intensity is lowered and colour temperature becomes warmer.