Feel the lighting at our retail showroom

We are happy to share our knowledge of light, commercial retail lighting, products, light sources and the importance of light for different concepts.


In our facilities in Jönköping, Sweden, equipped with modern technology and showrooms, you are welcome to make a journey into the world of light.

From the thoughts of designing a great retail brand theatre, we have created our own showroom shop – Twenty Ounce Denim (TOD). It is a place to talk about lighting concepts and how lighting can enhance the brand. Come feel and play with light, on the spot, and find your lighting solution.

Contact your local Fagerhult office to book a visit.

Light education

We can also offer a tour in our technical room and the mock-up area etc. There we go through what light is and how it affects us and our surroundings, how light can create emotionally charged atmosphere and set the mood of the visitors – if it is used correctly.

We also review various light sources and how and when to use them in the store.

You can also learn more about how to get your merchandise to look more attractive by choosing luminaires and light sources with colour reproduction that highlights your products in the best possible way. We also demonstrate how to align and aim fittings in the shop to get the best commercially viable retail lighting as possible. 

Find your concept

Different lighting solutions create different atmospheres – what is the right light for one store might not work as well in another.

In our Light experience centre, you can experiment and compare various lighting solutions and see how they affect our mood and experience.

Here you can discover how you can create the perfect atmosphere for your own store environment.

Welcome to us and discover the secrets of light!