Our luminaires – designed specifically for retail solutions

At Fagerhult we continuously aim to strengthen the product range by developing signature products for retail. By working closely with our customers, concept designers and project managers we develop products that are specifically designed for the retailers needs.



We supply solutions for different parts of the retail segment and for the variety of applications inside a shop that you need to illuminate. We also strive to be a flexible partner, closely knitted together with our customers. Therefore we have our on demand designers that customize products for certain concepts and occasions.

Read about Fagerhult On Demand Design (O.D.D)


Wide product range

Designing a creative lighting concept fulfilling the customers visions and requests demands an extensive product range both when it comes to design and function.

Developing a product at Fagerhult usually means creating a whole family of products that can be applied in numerous situations and applications in a shop. General lighting as well as accent lighting solutions, track-mounted and recessed versions are available as is luminaires suitable for different ceiling heights.


High quality

The Fagerhult brand goes back to 1945 and quality products has been one of the company traits ever since. Fagerhult works with the worlds top suppliers. The materials used in our luminaries are carefully chosen based on quality, comfort and sustainability. We are in charge of the whole development and production process of the luminaire, which give us complete insight of the product quality.

Tested in our own certified test centre

In our own laboratories we do extensive testing and always set higher demands for our products than those set in general standards and guidelines. Due to the choices of quality components the Fagerhult products are as energy efficient as they can possibly be. Our products can be used with controls to create atmosphere but most importantly to increase energy efficiency.

Comfortable light

Fagerhult pride is to develop products with light comfort in mind. The light from Fagerhult products should be a light that is comfortable for people to be in. Accessories like barndoors and capcones will add to the comfort of the lighting.

We develop high quality product appealing to the market – adding value to our retail lighting solutions.