Lighting design services

We know the importance of a well planned lighting installation in which every luminaire serves a function. That is why Fagerhult not only provide high quality products but also lighting design services. After a carefully prepared concept development process we perform CAD production, lighting calculations and 3D visualizations; realizing the concept in the best possible way.

Working with light is a part of our everyday

Our approach is to offer the customer guidance and advice on how their lighting solution can compliment or enhance their brands personality. Both the lighting design and the design of the luminaire contribute towards the communication of a retailers brand values.

Whether you have a clear sense of direction or a general impression, we offer the ability to transform the feeling you want your customers to experience trough the lighting solution.

A broad range of products, coupled with the capability to make special adaptions, offer our lighting designers the best possible tools to an optimized solution.

Passion for light

Our lighting designers have a passion for what they do without prestige and are constantly trying to be more creative when coming up with new ideas of light.

Various backgrounds and different specialties make an interesting mix of lighting designers at Fagerhult, forming a solid, reliable work unit that create unique lighting plans to a wide range of retail environments.

The lighting plans involves much more than just placement of luminaries.

Our offer can, except for CAD-drawings include calculations of the total lifecycle cost including energy consumption (LCC-calculations) or Dialux calculations.


To find the right light for your brand we offer a conceptual lighting service. Read more about our concept development process