Fagerhult O.D.D™ – The opportunity to stand out

It is not always a bad thing to be the odd one out. Actually, why be like everyone else when you can be something that stands out? We believe it is important for you to be able to show your brand’s true personality – and it is equally important for us to realize your unique vision of it. That is why we offer Fagerhult O.D.D – Fagerhult On Demand Design.

On demand design is a function at Fagerhult where our product developers create custom-made applications for a specific customer. It can be a LED control system or a special solution for a project in which it is tough or impossible to do a conventional lighting design. In those cases, we have to think outside the box to come up with suitable ideas.

Depending on the circumstances, Fagerhults on demand developers always make the application attractive, optimized and maintenance friendly.

Find your solution

We want to be a flexible partner, closely knitted together with our customers to be able to provide tailor made products for certain specific concepts. So if the application or product needed can’t be found, do not hesitate to contact us – we have a solution to provide.


Value-adding service

If you choose to add this value-adding service, we offer you the option of collaborating with us to invent a solution, concept or a special luminaire. We can also modify an existing luminaire to transform it into exactly what you want it to be.

Sometimes our customer need a product beyond our standard range that doesn’t exist in our catalogue or on stock; customer specific pendants for example. Then we realize our customers’ vision and customize a product specific for their needs and wishes. The process from idea to the first prototype is relatively fast. This comes from a good set of engineers, workshops and designers, all working in the daily business in this area of production.


Meeting the demands of ever-changing retail

To understand Fagerhult O.D.D, we also need to understand today’s retail landscape. We are compelled by the ever-changing nature of it – retail is an exciting, spellbinding world of commerce, constantly advancing to attract the customers of today – and also of tomorrow. Increased desire for brand recognition and identity, emerging new technologies, trends and shifting consumer behaviours are constantly challenging the physical set-up of retail shops.

Creative collaboration

First the Concept developer at Fagerhult will help you create a lighting concept that expresses and enhances your brand. If we see a need for a luminaire not included in our standard range, we can offer you the option of collaboration with our Fagerhult O.D.D team.

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They can help you to either modify an existing product or to tailor one specifically for your needs. Our passionate lighting creatives and engineers have vast experience of such processes – quick adaptations are part of our day-to-day work. That is why we can help you be the odd one out.


The On Demand Design process

The start of a successful On Demand Design process often occurs when our Product Managers and our creative Concept Developers at Fagerhult can collaborate closely with the client; when we meet their interior and concept designers in a productive brainstorm. Sometimes our clients have a very clear vision of what they want and sometimes they don’t.

Product specification

Once the needs are defined, we start looking for what product to supply and what technical capabilities need to be fulfilled. We can do it through purchasing, modification or by developing a product from scratch.

Close dialogue

The team consists of colleagues from across the Fagerhult group – all with different expertise but with the same passion to find the optimal solution. They say that the processes work best when there is an open and close dialogue about the brand and the desired atmosphere.

Considering delivering time

In the high-paced retail industry, the product needs to be developed quickly. This is a fact that we acknowledge. The delivery time for newly developed products varies due to the product’s complexity, but we always strive to meet deadlines and to optimise the production process to meet this target.

Developing a specific product or modifying one to suit a specific solution and retail environment calls upon certain procedures. At Fagerhult we have specific units that facilitate a smooth and innovative On Demand Design process.

Trends give shape to the design

Trends fuel clients’ requests and evidently luminaire design. The pop-up/studio trend drives a desire for retro-looking luminaire designs to complement a more temporary set-up.

This is a brief introduction to how we work with On Demand Design. The key is that we have the technological and engineering experts, the lighting creativity of our Light Agency and a responsive production process that makes it all happen.


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