Finding the right light with concept development

Lighting can set the scene for your brand and enhance the feelings you want to evoke in a shop. To find that light we offer a conceptual lighting service. In that process ideas come to life. We get to know your brand, your target groups and key values. To your concept we apply the latest trends, luminaires and desired atmosphere created by the lighting. Customized according to your needs.


Showcase your brand

In these digital days, the physical store has never been a more appropriate platform to really showcase the brand itself – a showroom in which you can shop. Due to strong competition and convenient online shopping, brands and retailers are embracing the possibilities of unique expressions in the shop now more than ever.

Expressions and atmospheres that capture passers-by and also translate the brand value not only through the interior, product range and service – but also through a lighting solution that fits the particular brand and concept.

For us lighting is so much more than just luminaires

The physical shop is the perfect brand-carrying platform for authentic shopping. Glamorously stylish, considerately enchanting or daringly edgy - there are unlimited possibilities.

Our approach is to offer the customer guidance and advice on how their lighting solution can compliment or enhance their brand’s personality. Both the lighting design and the design of the luminaire contribute towards the communication of a retailer’s brand values.



Whether you have a clear sense of direction or a general impression, we offer the ability to transform the feeling you want your customers to experience through the lighting solution.

A broad range of products, coupled with the ability to make special adaptations (Fagerhult O.D.D), offer our lighting designers the best possible tools for an optimised solution.

Learn more about Fagerhult's luminaires for retail shops.

The process

Here we describe in brief the journey of light we work through together with our customers.

We hope this process will help illustrate how we implement creative and enhancing lighting solutions, based on concept development.


The brand

Knowing the brand and its story triggers a lot of creativity among our lighting designers and concept developers, and the results in the shop can be a real brand experience – with the light setting the scene. Therefore, we listen carefully to you and your particular brand story.

The target group

It is not only crucial for us to know your brand, we also want to understand the people shopping in the store, your customers, so we can create a suitable experience. Who are they, what do they like, how do they shop?


We carefully monitor trends in retail as well as interior and consumer trends. It is important for us to have a clear understanding of the retail landscape and how it affects not only our products but also our lighting solutions. Accordingly these insights are included when generating ideas.


Customer specification

Your request and specification is important to us. You might have a clear view of what you want or have specific energy restrictions etc. Or you may have an open mind and want to generate ideas together with us.

We pay close attention to your request and always try to provide the best possible solution.

Creative process

For your sake, we create mood boards and sketches to capture the feeling of the lighting concept. This illustrates a good visual feeling from which we can source ideas and inspiration.


The solution

After ideas are generated and confirmed, we present a complete lighting solution with suitable products, light sources and colour temperatures. We can also present a LCC (life cycle cost) that compares the new lighting installation to the old one.

By doing this, we can calculate a pay-off time and also how much maintenance cost and energy consumption will decrease over time.



When the first shop is delivered we analyse it to ensure the customer is satisfied with the outcome and plan for upcoming stores with the same concept, adapted to that areas specific location and need.


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