We will challenge ourselves to forge new paths and create action
– for a better environment and a brighter future.


We aim to achieve long-term goals in our five prioritised action areas by 2030.
All areas are linked to the UN Global Goals for Sustainable Development.



Lighting Ergonomics.

Good lighting is extremely important for human well-being and positively affects our health and state of mind. Fagerhult has a long tradition and extensive expertise in creating lighting solutions for enhanced productivity and creativity in applications such as education, offices and healthcare.

Our goal is to be leading developers of lighting solutions that support well-being and creativity.


Conscious Production.

We have already started our journey towards more conscious production by powering machines and technology at our Swedish manufacturing site with 100% renewable hydroelectric power.

Our goal is energy-positive production, meaning that we will produce more renewable electricity than we consume. One way we will achieve this is by investing in solar energy.


Energy Efficiency.

Our greatest opportunity to make a difference today is in reducing the energy consumed by our luminaires when in use.

Our goal is that all our lighting solutions will reduce energy consumption with integrated lighting controls.

Pure Materials.

We can significantly reduce our environmental impact simply by choosing innovative materials. 

Our goal in product design is that our products will consist of at least 80% renewable or recycled materials.

In 2021, we are launching an innovative luminaire in an entirely new material for the industry, Solid Board.


Empowering People.

As a leading partner in the lighting industry, we have a social responsibility to contribute to personal development and good living conditions, in the company and in the world.

Our goal is to help transform people’s lives through personal growth and diversity. We will expand our focus on collaborations in which we can spread knowledge and make a difference.


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Sustainability Documents

Our Sustainability Report is an integrated part of Fagerhult Groups Annual Report since 2017.

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