The 80's

Trimtube 2000 - a new office maze

Trimtube 2000 was a modular office system with a-maze-ing possibilities for variation.

Trimtube 2000 was a luminaire system of long luminous fluorescent lamps, in lacquered sheet metal. It was perfect for the modern offices in the mid-80's. 

The possibilities of mounting them were many, as they could be connected in X, T and L-joints - or even bent with a flexible hose as joints. Together they provided an impressive network of lighting, with glare free office lighting. Trimtube 2000 was available as a suspended and wall-hung solution, and each fixture was rotatable 360°. This made it possible with uplight - as well as downlight- at the office, depending on how you tilted the luminaire.

The Trimtube 2000 could also be combined with the Nova system, a similar product, in order to further enhance and vary the patterns and compositions. Neither of these two luminaire families are longer in production.