The 90's

Pleiad - the brightest downlight of the Milkyway

Named after the shining cluster of stars from the constellation Taurus, Pleiad is our most well-known downlight family.

Designed by Fagerhult designer Wilma Daemen in the mid-90s, Pleiad was introduced as a vision for architects and lighting designers. The Pleiad family, which is currently on generation 4, has been through some technical innovations, such as LED-change and controls.


Consistent for the generations is that they have always had rotational symmetric light distribution, even with a horizontal light source. Which was totally unique and with gave lower amature and longer life for light source (built-in expertise). All generations have been with toolless installation. The first generation had a patented rocker for easier light source replacement.


It is, and has been, a very popular luminaire due to its technical solutions and easy installation. During a period of time in the beginning of the century (1999-2003), a Pleiad luminaire was installed every 20th second somewhere around the world. 

Pleiad was awarded Industrie Forum Design Hannover (1996), for its innovative features and contemporary design. 

The latest generation