The 70's

Lucifer – the devil is in the details

It was not an entirely positive attitude towards the name, when Lucifer was launched in 1975.

Despite the name, it is one of our most iconic luminaires, that still sells at auction houses in Europe until this day 

Lucifer is a desk lamp made totally out of plastic that was designed for Fagerhult in 1975 by well renowned designer duo A&E Design, Tom Ahlström and Hans Ehrich. The duo had an early interest for plastics and its benefits, and for form and design as a functional aid. The luminaires versatility and contemporary look made Lucifer a natural contribution to most people’s offices, and homes. The high lighting quality was, as always, of utter importance in this project as well 


Lucifer returned in 2000 as an anniversary luminaire, in limited edition, but is no longer in production. You can, however, see it at Nordiska Museets digital exhibition (Swedish only).