1945 – TODAY

From private to public

When Bertil Svensson founded Fagerhults Belysning, he did so bearing the peoples life in mind. He wanted to improve the everyday life of common people. Back then, a lot of handicraft work was made at home, such as knitting, sewing or wood craft – and a good lighting was crucial for this to be successful.  

As society and technology evolved, it became more common 
that all family members worked outside of the home. Fagerhult has also made this transition with our products, from lighting the work made in the heart of the family – to lighting up public spaces, such as offices, stores and outdoor environments. 

The aim of our lighting solutions is still to create visual comfortable lighting solutions with the right light in the right place, regardless of it being in an industry, a sports centre or in a preschool. Good lighting is extremely important for human well-being and positively affects our health and state of mind. Where people live their lives, that’s where we are.