The 60's

Fabian – a classic retrofit luminaire

When launched in 1969 Fabian was Sweden’s – maybe even the worlds – ever first fitting made of plastic.

The first prototype was created by the housing of two thermoses in different sizes. The injection-moulded plastics, as it would turn out, could not only withstand the warmth from hot beverages – but also the heat from a bulb. 

After some testing, the development team had created a seamless, screwless design that could easily be implemented in the production system. Due to the absence of screws, assembly could easy be done with the help of a special fixture. The procedure was clocked at 11 seconds flat. 


When launched, Fabian was marketed as an all-round luminaire that did not just belong in the bedroom, but in the living room and the study too. “You’ll need at least five Fabian at home!”, the ads stated. The fact that Fabian was offered in a wide range of colours following the latest interior design trends contributed to its persistent success. The estimated sell when launched was 10 000 units. No one could have guessed that Fabian actually would sales over 4 million copies.


In 2015, when Fagerhult turned 70 years, a relaunch of Fabian was made. It was given a slight face lift and is now produced as a pendant. The proportions are a little bigger and the plastic housing has been replaced by sheet metal or opaque glass.

There’s still one Fabian for every room. The new Fabian has the same colourful spirit as the old one as the sheet metal housing can be coated in any shade you fancy. There are no less than 26 standard colours to choose from and an exclusive version in opaque glass.