The 10'

Appareo - It's a kind of magic

Appareo's innovative solutions created new possibilities to play tricks with our minds.

Appareo is a suspended luminaire which maximises the design flexibility offered by LED’s – without compromising on efficiency or ergonomic. It was designed by Howl Design Studio (later Above) in 2012, and is still in production.

The starting point was a new type of glass diffuser which acts as both the reflector and the louvre. The light is distributed indirectly towards the ceiling and directly down towards the work surface. Providing the ambient and task lighting levels demanded in contemporary office spaces.

Unlit the transparent glass screen is housed with an aluminium frame for the height of discretion. When lit, the LEDs positioned across the slide of the luminaire  ring the screen to life, increasing the opacity and guiding the light for an optimal visual experience. 

Appareo was awarded with the Red Dot Design Award in 2013.