Kitchen Ghosts: Cooking delicious cinemagraphs

Kitchen Ghosts is a duo that has taken the foodie culture to a higher level. By focusing on displaying homemade food and its handcraft in a tasteful way their stylish imagery has caught the attention of foodies all over the world. To find out more about them and their interesting work, we asked them a few questions.

Who are you?

”I am Daria, a 25-year-old photographer from Russia, Olga is my assistant, stylist and model and we created and work on the Kitchen Ghosts together.”


What is your occupation and background?

”I started working as a photographer almost right after I graduated from university. I did a lot of portraiture at first, but I always liked to experiment and try new things, so when I saw a cinemagraph I immediately decided to join the club. Olga is a friend of mine, she was a stay at home mom and was looking for a part time job, so she started assisting me on the shoots. She has a designer background so she really helps me a lot with styling and compositions.”


What is Kitchen Ghosts?

”We started this project with a simple soup recipe that we did as an experiment. The result was fun, we giggled a bit and uploaded it on Tumblr. Surprisingly people liked it and I started getting lovely notes from new followers. So we kept on shooting and improving, shooting, analysing feedback, learning and improving. I always try to make my cinemagraphs look not like gifs but like real photographs. Editing a 256-colour photograph is a lot of pain sometimes, but I have learned a few tricks by now.”

How did you get the idea for Kitchen Ghosts?

”I like the moody and catchy feeling of cinemagraphs, I think I have finally found my thing. The idea was simple, I wanted to combine cinemagraphs and food photography, because cinemagraphs needs precision and time and food photography does not require a large crew and models. So basically it is a thing I can experiment with when I am alone at home, which is perfect for me.”



Who are your customers?  

”We are lucky to see that more and more brands are becoming interested in cinemagraphs, and not only the food related ones. We are happy to expand our portfolio with more lifestyle imageries; I think we can turn pretty much anything into a cinemagraph now!”



What are your views on the foodie culture, that food has become more visible and important in our every day lives?

”I love that people now have a habit of sharing photos of their food and I don't understand those who hate on it. I mean, food is good for you; it evokes good emotions even when you see it on the picture, brings positivity, and inspires you to try new things and even make healthier choices. I love foodies. And food. It is about magic in the everyday life.”

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