Fresh foodie technology: There are 2000 chefs lined up in your kitchen!

After spending hours – and probably a small fortune – searching for the right ingredients, there’s no excuse for bad cooking. So what to do when the results don’t turn out as planned? Talk to a chef!

The digital revolution has stirred the pots of the culinary world. With foodies reviewing their meals on blogs and restaurant forums creating new conditions for food trucks and starred Michelin establishments alike, the distance between foodies and celebrity chefs is ever decreasing. One-way communication has turned into dialogue. In fact, nowadays any serious home cook is only a video call away from professional guidance.

Cuisines from a to z

TalkToChef is the first micro-consulting platform to connect home cooks and foodies to professional chefs via video chat. Using two-way streaming video technology, the service allows instant communication in real time, without interrupting the whipping of the hollandaise. All you really need is a computer or a smartphone (there’s a freshly baked app waiting in the oven) and an idea of what you want to do.



More than 2000 chefs worldwide are participating, representing different cuisines and cultures. You can choose between almost 50 different cuisines – from African and native-American to Moroccan, Korean or Scandinavian – and just wait for a chef to respond your call. If you’re into raw food or any other regimen you can also choose between different methods or diets.

The very idea of culinary advice is hardly new. In the US there are plenty of thanksgiving and holiday cooking hotlines for chefs in need. But this video chat service opens up new possibilities for a relaxed one to one conversation, in the home, while cooking. For amateur cooks seeking new inspiration, the vast network of professionals and different cooking cultures the possibilities are endless.

”Initially, our plan was to connect home cooks with each other to help with the cooking routine, but then we quickly found out that customers are more interested in speaking with professionals rather than themselves. We see that people are becoming more and more innovative with food and looking to try new recipes that are outside of their local area. That's why international chefs are becoming more popular with our users”, Daniil Brodovich,
Co-founder and CEO of TalkToChef explains.

Uber for culinary advice

After the video consultation you can rate the chef and make a voluntary donation. TalkToChef has been described as an "Uber for culinary advice", beneficial for both parties. Home cooks can get professional advice in their own kitchen. Professional chefs get an excellent opportunity to build a social media brand while at the same time earning a little extra money.

TalkToChef is now accessible from any part of the world provided there is good internet connection.

”We are entering the European market right now, and so far it's been spreading mostly by word of mouth. It's surprising, but it's catching on pretty fast in Britain. I guess it is because of the popularity of Jamie Oliver and his food revolution. More British are looking at new ways to improve their diets and at the same time a lot of chefs are dream of becoming celebrities like Jamie”, Daniil says.

Rising food consciousness

According to Daniil Brodovich, the increased awareness among customers is an important reason for TalkToChef’s success. 

”When you spend so much time on researching, buying and preparing you want your meal to be one of the best. So why not consult with an expert to make sure you wouldn't mess it up – or to make it even better? We believe that with rising food awareness and innovation in preparing our meals, there will be increased demand for high quality support in culinary space.”
”At the same time, there is an increase in food restrictions due to allergies and health related problems due to unbalanced diet. This presents another big opportunity to help people. We believe that with modern technology everybody should have an opportunity to consult a professional regarding a particular question, especially if it is related to food”, Daniil says.

There’s good reason to believe that consumers will increase demands on their grocery store even more, looking for fresh, local produce and new culinary experiences. Now they’ll know what to do with it.

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