e-Sense Tune – lighting becomes personal

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the lighting exactly as you want it, a light that adapts to your needs and personal preferences? Mimicking daylight, saving energy and energising you? e-Sense Tune does all that, and more. Now it’s a reality; the truly personal lighting solution.

e-Sense Tune is a plug & play-system that has been developed by Fagerhult’s own project team under the direction of Daniel Unoson. It is an innovative, decentralised standalone-system or, as Daniel describes it:

“It´s a truly personal, wireless lighting control system that suits all applications where one user at a time is allowed to control the light. It’s fast to install and easy to control – you just install the luminaires and everything’s ready to go. If you want to expand the system, you just add another room, and another and another … scalability is fierce!”

“Another strong argument for this solution is information safety. This kind of stand alone-system is not online, which makes it more difficult to hack. If attacking the system, it has to be done while physically inside the room, as it cannot be done over the Internet.” 

Auto-connect for all

Human-centric lighting is a strong trend, giving users the opportunity to work in a lighting environment that supports alertness and wellbeing. e-Sense Tune is developed for any situation where the person “owns” the lighting and wants to adapt it to personal preferences and tasks. It’s intended for cellular offices, conference rooms or activity areas and can easily be combined with other types of control systems more suitable for large open plan offices.

“e-Sense Tune is easily operated by each individual with a smartphone app. We have created an intuitive interface that’s really simple to handle. Once you’ve made your settings, the lighting systems will automatically identify you and adapt to your personal preferences as soon as you enter the room. The system connects via the latest bluetooth standard – bluetooth low energy ‘BT SMART’ and we’ve also developed a unique solution to make sure no users outside the room can affect the system.” 

The e-Sense Tune application has a function for each user to define two different personal lighting scenes. It also incorporates daylight mimicking, where you can choose between two different settings inspired by nature. Both settings start with a lower intensity and a warm colour temperature. At lunchtime, the light peaks in intensity as well as in colour temperature, which until now has been getting cooler. During the afternoon, the intensity is once again lowered and the colour temperature gets a bit warmer. The difference between the two settings is that one is slightly cooler than the other, to match different personal daylight preferences.

“Of course, the application also has a setting for harvesting daylight, making sure that the lighting system optimises energy consumption according to the amount of daylight outside.”  

In the occupancy cloud 

In the near future control systems like e-Sense Tune have great potential, says Daniel.

“From a hardware perspective, they have the possibility to harvest information on, for example occupancy or default settings, and pass it on. Though, this requires a gateway and proper settings.”  


e-Sense Tune - light becomes personal from Fagerhult Lighting on Vimeo.