e-Sense Organic inspired by nature

Where to turn for an intuitive and extremely energy efficient lighting solution that needs no programming whatsoever? Ask nature! e-Sense Organic is an innovative lighting control system inspired by natures intelligent communication.

e-Sense Organic can be compared to a school of fish, where every individual continuously makes small decisions in response to its neighbours and environment. Each fish operates independently – yet it is part of a flexible system using distributed intelligence to solve complex problems easily, without central control. e-Sense Organic is a system that applies nature’s algorithms in a similar way.

“This plug & play system is the perfect choice in situations where you want to achieve optimal energy savings without complicated installations or any programming at all. It’s very cost effective to install: you just put up the luminaires and that’s it”, explains Daniel Unoson, Product and Application Manager at Fagerhult. 

Like a conversation

Each luminaire is equipped with a communicating IR tranceiver. The moment a sensor node detects occupancy, the luminaire responds with a predetermined light level. Simultaneously, it communicates with the luminaries in its immediate surroundings, telling that there is something happening. 

The near-by luminaires react by lighting up on a slightly lower level, and continue to send the message forward. This way, the luminaires creates an  “occupancy cloud”, sharing information and responding to it as individual fixtures. The premises are always lit to facilitate work and make people feel secure.

“It’s almost like the luminaires are having a conversation. ‘I saw someone and lit up a 100 percent, I’d like you to turn your light on, but 80 percent is enough… I’ve heard there’s people around and 10 have lit up to 80 percent and I think you should as well, up to 30 percent…’ and so the dialogue goes on”, Daniel explains. 

Independent of changes 

Naturally, e-Sense Organic is equipped with daylight harvesting as well as presence detection features. As it is built on infrared communication, the system won’t be affected by layout changes. Walls and function can be changed without any engagement with the lighting.

“It is flexibility in a nutshell.”  

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