A hall with a game or activity area of 40 x 20 metres for handball, bandy, volleyball, basketball, pretty much anything. Regardless of the sport, you have to have enough light in the playing area. For competitions and matches the normal light level is set at 750 lx on the floor, with lower levels during exercise or school physical education. Vertical illumination is equally as important so the participants can see both the movement of the ball and the opponent. The positioning of the luminaires is important to avoid the players being effected by glare and their concentration disturbed.

The basketball court occupies a smaller area in the hall, and it’s possible to add a theatrical element and createa sense of occasion. The actual basketball court should be much lighter than the surrounding area, with the markings of the court clearly visible. The very nature of the multipurpose hall encourages the inclusion of lighting controls for maximum flexibility.


A recommended solution for large halls for handball, bandy etc.
32 pcs Excis LED medium beam with a flow of 20,000 lm.
Mounting height 7 m
Average illumination 530 lux

The solution meets the uniformity requirement and the glare index inaccordance with the sports hall standard EN 12193: 2007 and with Class IIfor training and competing in lower divisions.

Control of the multi-purpose hall

There are many different varieties of sports hall but whatever its construction factoring in DALI lighting control att he planning stage is advisable.

Sometimes there is a folding partition wall in the centre enabling physical education lessons to be split over two areas or the hall is twice the size with a partition wall in the middle to make two full-sized playing areas. Some halls divide the surface into smaller sections, these divisions with partition walls should also divide occupancy detection in the premises.


  • The luminaires in a sports hall must also be robust and impact resistant, with a durable louvre or guard.
  • With the help of an occupancy detector that switches off the lights after a period of inactivity it is possible to make significant energy savings.
  • It is common for a sports hall to be divided into several sections with the help of partition walls, so that parallel lessons can take place in smaller areas. Automatic division of the lighting with the use of partition walls is possible with a control system.
  • Check the vertical illumination (possibly) at the playing surface so the level is sufficient to see balls and faces in a good way.
  • Luminaires must have an excellent cut-off to avoid glare as pupils regulary look up towards the ceiling.


Excis LED

Excis has been developed for sports centres with ball protection certification per VDE 0710-13. Available with different lumen packages and provides a good, glare-free light even from greater heights.

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