Hockey is one of the fastest team sports and requires a lot of light, for players, referees and spectators. The lighting needs to contribute towards the contracts between the puck and the ice with excellent uniformity so everyone involved can clearly see what is happening. In a non-televised context 600 lux on the ice is sufficient but when broadcasting this has to be at least 1000 lux often more. When planning the light it is important to ensure that the spectator area is lit to at least 30% of the playing surface to avoid tiring visual contrast. During the initial line-ups and breaks lower levels are common place with spotlights following the players as they move around the rink, assuming the system is optimised with lighting control.

Solution with 600 lux

The solution meets the uniformity requirement and the glareindex in accordance with the sports hall standard EN 12193: 2007and with Class II for training and competing in lower divisions.


136 pcs InduLED medium beam 12,000 lm.
Mounting height 7 m
Average illumination 600 lux on the ice.


Solution with 1000 lux


249 pcs InduLED medium beam 12,000 lm.
Mounting height 11 m
Average illumination 1014 lux on the ice.


InduLED Medium Beam

Developed for industry with focus on efficiency and economy. Several different lumen packages provide an optimised solution for various heights and needs.

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